Technaxx Battery Air Compressor TX-157
Technaxx Akku Luftkompressor TX-157

Technaxx Battery air compressor TX-157


  • 6000mA Li-Ion battery for up to 4 car tires
  • up to 8 bar maximum pressure
  • Digital pressure display, desired pressure adjustable
  • Auto Off function when the set pressure is reached
  • Work lamp with 6 LEDs
  • 4 adapters for all valve types


Technaxx replacement Filter TX-131+
Technaxx USB-Air-Purifier TX-131+
Technaxx USB-Luftreiniger mit USB TX-131+

USB-Air-Purifier TX-131+


  • Air-Ionizer with Ultraviolet light and HEPA filter
  • Ultraviolet light and negative ions removes up to 99% of viruses, bacteria, smokes and pollutants
  • Easy handling and installation
  • Replaceable HEPA- & Activated-Carbon-Filter with aroma holder (Users are adviced to replace filter every 6-month or less subject to air quality and usage frequency)


Technaxx Car Interieur light TX-140
Technaxx KFZ Innenbeleuchtung TX-140

Technaxx Car Interieur light TX-140


  • Illuminate the vehicle interior, according to your wishes in 8 different colors
  • Built-in highly sensitive microphone, the spectrum of light and colors automatically adapts to the music


Technaxx E-Lighter & USB Car Charger TX-134
Technaxx E-Lighter & USB Car Charger TX-134
  • 12V–24V USB car charger for the cigartte lighter socket
  • Heating the ignition coil ~30x (with fully charged battery)
  • Protection against overcurrent, overtemperature, overcharge, short-circuit
  • Environmentally friendly (no gasolin/butane/propane is used)
Technaxx Endoscope-Camera TX-116
Technaxx Endoskop-Kamera TX-116
  • Waterproof mini endoscope camera with monitor & 1m flexible gooseneck
  • Exploration and measurement hard-to-reach, narrow and dark areas and corners (pipes, waterpipes, engine compartment, under/behind cabinets, etc.)
  • Various attachements (magnet, mirror, hooks) help to recover keys, rings, etc.
  • 2.31” TFT LCD colour monitor with 90° image rotation
Technaxx Car Ionizer TX-119
Technaxx Auto-Luftreiniger TX-119
  • Refresh and clean the air in your car
  • Remove cigarette smoke, smog, fumes, odors from inside the car
  • Ensure an ion balance inside your car’s environment
  • Negative ions kill bacteria & viruses
  • Usable for all cars with 12 volt cigarette lighter connection