Technaxx Flexible Solar Balcony Power Plant 600W WIFI TX-270
Technaxx Flexible Solar Balcony Power Plant 600W WIFI TX-270

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Flexible Solar Balcony Power Plant 600W WIFI TX-270


  • Mount on balcony, fence and more
  • Easy installation thanks to lightweight solar modules
  • Flexible solar modules (without glass - EVA material)
  • Lightweight and compact microinverter
  • Suitable for feeding electricity into the 230V household grid
  • Maximum inverter feed-in power of 800W
  • Ideal for covering the base load of your home during the day
  • Power tracking possible via app and web view

    Technical specifications:
    Solarpanel: Monocrystalline half cells
  • Cable connection: MC4
  • Max. power: 6x 105W
  • Operating voltage: 20.6V
  • Operating current: 5.11A
  • Module efficiency: 18.3%
  • Operating temperature: -40°C ~ +85°C

    Micro Inverter 800W
  • Configured to 600W, automatic update after change of law
  • Nominal output power: 800VA
  • Nominal output current: 3.48A
  • Nominal output voltage: 230V
  • Operating temperature: -40°C - +65°C
  • Transmission: Built-in WiFi
  • Frequency range: 2.412 - 2.472GHz
  • Radiated transmit power: max. 18.4dBm /69.2mW

    System requirements:
  • App “S-Miles Installer”: iOS 13.0 or above; Android 10.0 or above / EN, DE, FR, ES, IT, NL, CZ, PL, PO (10-2023)

    Package contents:
  • 1x PV Micro Inverter 800W,
  • 6x Solar panel 105W,
  • 1x Betteri socket adapter,
  • 1x AC input end cap,
  • 1x 5m connection cable, mounting material (60x plastic strap / 36x metal band),
  • MC4 extension cable (2x 2m-set & 1x 3m-set),
  • 2x MC4 Y-splitter,
  • user manual

    Weight and Dimensions:
  • Weight (total): 22kg
  • Dimensions (single panel): 104 x 58 x 2cm


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