Power Inverter 600W TE19
Power Inverter 600W TE19

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Power Inverter 600W TE19


  • For mobile use of electronic devices via 12V connection
  • 2x USB ports with max. 3A (max. 12V or max. 3A)
  • 2x 230V safety contact sockets with power switch
  • Converts 12V DC battery voltage into standard 230V AC mains voltage, for connecting various electronic devices, such as Tablets, smartphones, laptops, game consoles, TV, DVD / MP3 player, camping accessories, navigation systems and much more
  • Output power max. 600W (continuous) & 1200W (peak)
  • Automatic safety shutdown to secure the car battery (alarm at ~10.5V & ~16V)
  • Protection against overload & short circuit
  • Overheating protection through built-in ventilation
  • Fixed bracket on device for secure attachment

    Technical specifications:
  • Input voltage of the battery DC 12V (10.5V–16V)
  • Output voltage per socket AC 230V / AC frequency 50Hz nominal
  • Modi¬ed sine wave
  • Circuit protection (DC overload): 2x 35A internal fuses

    Package contents:
  • Power Inverter 600W TE19,
  • 2x 60cm connection cables,
  • User Manual Weight and Dimensions:
  • Weight device: 1,2kg
  • Dimensions device: 19,8 x 15,9 x 7,9 cm


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