About Technaxx
Who we are

Technaxx is a German manufacturer of solar / energie safing products, multimedia, security and lifestyle products as well as car accessories with its headquarters in Schöneck. We have been on the market since 2002.

Why Technaxx?

  • We stand behind our products with full passion and "burn " for innovations and try to be the first to bring them to market
  • Our design and development team helps customers with new products and innovations to add value
  • We have had experience in the consumer electronics market since 2002 and try to incorporate our expertise into new products. Our focus is on expanding into international markets and developing other interesting products
  • The "Designed& Engineered in Germany" Logo stands for products that we have developed ourselves in Schöneck with our own team. These include some patented products such as our car alarm TX-100
  • Designed and Engineered in Germany Logo

Vision and mission

We develop trendy and effective technical solutions in a modern design, but with multifunctional, temporal and monetary advantages

We are committed to developing new, effective technical solutions that are easy to use, because functional devices can be used for a wide variety of purposes at the same time and are space-saving. Through our commitment to simplicity, multifunctionality, quality and constant innovation, we value saving time and money in order to be able to enjoy life

Our values

Our product categories
Our Product Categories